The AAAI Angel Education Australia™ initiative is developing and delivering a series of seminars and workshops to provide effective, informative education that can be certified and substantiated as contributing to an individual’s competence as an Angel investor in Australia.

The AEA™ course materials benefit from the AAAI collaboration with the leading Angel education organisations in North America and Europe. All workshops are delivered by certified, experienced Angel investors and some are from the Power of Angel Investing (PAI) curriculum under license from the Angel Capital Education Foundation in the USA.

These workshops are designed for Angel investors but, can also be of value to others in the early-stage ecosystem so, who should attend?

  • Aspiring Angel investors and Angel investors who want to bring structure and understanding to their investment processes.
  • Entrepreneurial support professionals, service providers and entrepreneurs.
  • Audiences who are interested in learning more about Angel investors and the elements of the Angel investment life cycle.

For each of these workshops and seminars a workbook that includes presentation content, slides and exercise worksheets will be provided to each participant.

AAAI brings together the latest in international best practice into workshops and programs to facilitate knowledge transfer and assist our member Angel Investors to take advantage of the investment opportunities available and Entrepreneurs to structure their investment proposals and businesses to improve their chances of successfully securing Angel Capital investment.

The AEA™ courses include:

  1. Angel Investing an Overview (PAI)
  2. An Introduction To Angel Investing
  3. Investment Ready: Evaluation, Valuation and Exit Strategy
  4. Valuation and Portfolio Strategy (PAI)
  5. Doing the Deal: Terms Sheets
  6. Doing the Deal: Due Diligence(PAI)
  7. Doing the Deal: Shareholders’ Agreements & Investing
  8. Living the Deal: Portfolio Management
  9. Living the Deal: Building Value
  10. Living the Deal: Exit
  11. All About Angel Groups

AAAI also offers a range of Awareness raising sessions in two streams (one for Angel Investors and the other for Entrepreneurs) of various length and depth ranging from 1.5 hours – half a day.

Further to these programs AAAI collaborates and partners with other organizations to promote  relevant and complementary programs that enhance and contribute to the Angel Investor activities and continual learning.

All enquiries should be directed to Ruth Drinkwater, CEO of the Association at or 0409 759 322.


AAAI has licensed content from the USA based Angel Capital Education Foundation (ACEF is the Manager acting on behalf of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation).

AAAI has invested in the license fees for this material and in accreditation of professional Angel investors to deliver the Power of Angel Investing workshops. AAAI has committed to adapting the workshops to the Australian context. We will be updating and adding to the ACEF content systematically as the programs are delivered around Australia.

About the Series of seminars and workshops:

Angel groups often run these workshops to attract new members, develop deal flow from the entrepreneur community in the local area and to educate service providers, university commercialisation officers and economic development professionals in governments.

The series of seminars and workshops offer clear benefits to AAAI members:

  • Information, data and strategies to assist in making better informed investment decisions
  • Increase capability and desire to be active in screening, due diligence and investments
  • Enhance effectiveness of working with deal flow partners to bring you the opportunity you want to see
  • Save members money with the discount available to AAAI members

It has been recommended by ACA and the Kauffman Foundation that members start with the full day Overview Seminar and then undertake select half-day workshops.

The outline of the existing workshops includes:

Angel Investing – an Overview (AIO)

(Full Day)

comprehensive overview of the Angel investing process, including screening, due diligence, valuation and working with portfolio companies.

Starting An Angel Organisation (Half Day)

provides a comprehensive overview of the strategic and tactical steps needed to create the Angel group that best fits the characteristics and interests of your community. It is designed for investors, community leaders, university leaders and entrepreneurial support professionals who are interested in leading or helping develop high-quality Angel organizations.

Valuation and Portfolio Strategies (Half Day)

focuses on the pre-money valuation of start-up companies and a portfolio strategy for Angel investing as a diversification and risk management strategy.

Due Diligence (Half Day)

learn what it takes to validate business plans and to define and contain the risk of investment.

Doing the Deal: Term sheets (Half Day)

in-depth investigation of the terms and conditions commonly used by Angel investors in funding early stage deals.

Trends in Raising Capital (Half Day)

designed for local Angel groups to empower their entrepreneurial ecosystem in seeking the right insight and tools to raise smart capital.

For enquiries to deliver one of these workshops in your area please contact AAAI CEO .



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