The Australian Association of Angel Investors Limited (AAAI) is the national forum for the advancement of Angel Investors and the professional development of its members' passion for investing in entrepreneurial success.

AAAI is a not-for-profit, social enterprise promoting a vibrant Angel Investment community and culture. As a community of peers the AAAI is redefining the nature and practice of early-stage investment in Australia.

AAAI provides a national voice for Australian Angel Investors who invest Angel Capital into early stage/entrepreneurial ventures which grow into successful companies that create significant employment and economic growth

  • An Angel Investor is an individual who invests their own financial and intellectual capital in Angel Capital Deals (and who develops a portfolio of Angel Capital deals.)
  • Angel Capital is a personal high risk-reward asset class where private investors (Angel Investors) invest in high growth entrepreneurial businesses to produce high order capital returns.
  • An Entrepreneurial venture is an innovative high growth business venture, developing competitive new IP based products for new/existing markets, generally technology and service sector based as opposed to lifestyle businesses.

Angel Investors in Australia:

  • have a passion for entrepreneurial creation and adventure
  • are financially secure individuals who get a 'buzz' from applying their capital (financial and intellectual) to growing new enterpreneurial businesses
  • recognise the risks inherent in this form of investing, they take a portfolio approach to investment and look for new and non-traditional investment opportunities
  • enjoy the intellectual stimulation of working with other like-minded individuals in the deal process through analysing business and investment opportunities
  • view Angel Investing as an opportunity to 'do good' for the community while also improving their own profile and wealth

Become involved today by contacting the Association, seeking out a local Angel Investing group (see the Group Directory), or attending an event.

The AAAI is the most exciting development ever for early-stage funding in Australia. The Association is bringing together the thousands of private individuals who share the passion, drive and capability to grow the commercial success of Australian entrepreneurs.

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    Group Directory

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